A Resource Guide to Successful Long Term Planning

This guide is designed to help you start planning for your future needs. Some effort now will make a big difference in maintaining the lifestyle you have worked hard for and ensure a level of security and dignity for you and the members of your family. 

Long-term care is a variety of services that help people with health or personal needs and activities of daily living over a period of time. We encourage you to avoid the common pitfall of only associating ltc with "end of life" scenarios. Though it is true that 60% of people over 65 will need some type of long-term care, it can also happen to any of us at any age due to accident or illness. 

The keys to a more secure future are planning early and wisely, knowing your options, and taking action. It is about living well. This guide outlines a roadmap for planning your future. It includes practical advice, steps you can take now and resources for more information.

Table of Contents

Decide who you can count on for help

Establish clear legal directions

Focus on your finances

Learn what your community has to offer

Make sure your home remains a good fit 

Understand long-term care insurance

Study the Tax Issues for individuals and organizations

Review additional resources to become more informed.

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